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About Perxclub

Freebies. Rewards. Discounts. Perks! - How we are often allured by these words is just too baffling. We mean, who wouldn’t love perks? Everyone loves FREE stuff! We’re sure of that.

But getting privileges is sometimes too effort-ish! You know the cards the establishments give you when you sign up to their rewards program? Yes, the CARDS! With membership fees! Duh. Collecting and keeping the cards to your wallet makes it bulky and less fashionable. You even tend to left them anywhere, or worst case, lost them together with the points and stamps.We know how it feels.

So we created Perxclub.

Perxclub is the FIRST proudly pinoy-made mobile app that combines the rewards program of premier brands in the metro and puts them all in your iPhone or Android handset. Imagine over 80 loyalty cards and accepted in over 600 locations nationwide in just one app, very useful eh? With over 50,000 registered users, Perxclub is also now the biggest community of perks-loving people in the Philippines!

You can even earn Medals, get the bragging right to your favorite merchant through the Leadership Circle, or tell your friends on Facebook that you got a milk tea, pasta or sandwich for free! You can even receive an instant freebie on your first digital stamp. There’s a lot to discover!

So enough of the blah blah blah and download Perxclub app now for FREE! Get it from the App Store or Play Store now and get FREEBIES, REWARDS or DISCOUNTS without the good ol’ cards in your wallet.



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